Our Services

Ballot Initiative / Political Campaign

JA PR Group has experience with campaigning through media and branding for ballot initiatives.

Brand Strategy

We seek to establish connections for our clients through a directed branding strategy that seeks to unite, inspire and grow.

Community Advocacy

JA PR Group can be the link that your community advocacy and answer the questions: "Who are you (company or individual) to your community?"

Consulting Event Management and Planning

We will connect your company with the right theme, structure, and location that will give your company the reputation it needs to please your guests and make favorable connections for future business. 

Reputation Management

Think about the question, "Who are you in the market?" Allow us to answer that through research and planning, and get your reputation where it should be to your audience and in the community. 

Creative Promotion

A creative promotion draws attention to your organization or resourcefulness, to the services you offer, to an event or campaign you are running, or to a particular issue or cause you sponsor. 

Internal Relations

We will research and provide strategies for your company to achieve the highest level of favorable relations with your employees.

Media Relations

We provide complete media strategies to condition the media environment to understand your narrative, position your message to be viewed by your targeted market and grow exposure for your brand. 

Media Research Planning & Buying

JA PR Group is a great facilitator for your media research and strategy. We can make the most efficient use of your organization's media dollars and all available technology. 

Social Media Relations

Social media is a new marketing tool that allows your company to get to know your customers and prospects in way that were previously not possible.